Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Pastor Tunde Bakare's endorsement of Buhari as the best of the Northern candidates has justifiably thrown up many issues. To my mind the issues are as follows.

First, what do we want to see in a President for instance leadership qualities, personality, vision for Nigeria and integrity?

Next is what is our most pressing problem? In other words what is the one thing if CHANGED can fundamentally alter the fortunes of all and finally show that Nigeria means business. There are many but our condition is so bad that we may have to focus our mind on one above all others for now.

The next question would be how involved are we in the party political process that throws the candidates that we have to choose from? Remember no matter how passionate we are about Nigeria it is the party primaries that would determine who runs in PDP, CPC, ACN, ANPP etc.

Then when we have the candidates who should we vote for?

Lastly what are we going to do tomorrow to influence the all important party process? Nigeria's democracy is in its infancy and so 99% of the time it throws up candidates who are not the best for Nigeria!!!

These to my mind are the real issues. Pastor Tunde Bakare spoke as a Nigerian surveying the field for 2011. It wasn't to my mind a "Thus says the Lord"! Democracy has always NEVER been about election dates as important as they are. Democracy is a more laborious process where all those who have a stake take time to get involved at all levels of the process. It is NATION BUILDING!

Good thing is Pastor Bakare's statement is focusing our minds on the days ahead. What are going to do to ensure the best for Nigeria? This is the big question.

Nigeria is a multi faith society. Therefore whether Muslim or Christian our leaders must display unimpeachable qualities of integrity, leadership, courage and a vision for the nation to attract votes from all sides of the religious divide.

If we don't start on this real task guess what happens? On May 29th 2011 a new President is likely to be sworn in, after which we a real risk exists of reverting to our usual slumber.

Good thing though is that we are all coming awake now. So join a party of your choice. Why not even seek to gather like minds across the length and breadth of Nigeria and begin to espouse a vision for change that may metamorphose into a political party. What ever you do, make sure you DO something!!!!

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